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New Issue! July 2015: Lessons from the Season's First Yard Sales; Buying for Yourself; Latest Flips Contest.

Left: Jeff was left feeling ecstatic after his 25 cent investment in this beat-up blues album gained him $1125! Left, the album cover in all its glory...and do you know what specific words you should be looking for on album vovers to find some high-prfit ones like this? Plus, advice about yard sale strategies, and more great flips, including flatware, sunglasses, and a butter dish.


Flip It Again - Version 2.0 - get your copy here!

NEW! "Flip It Again" Version 2.0 is now out.

Things you can sell, and resell, again and again, is back and updated, with 10 new items, for a total of 20 items you can resell often!

Wouldn't it be nice to find a steady stream of items that sell for decent profits -- as in $50 and up -- on a regular basis, and not have to be in line at 4 a.m. the morning a sale starts to get to them?

After 12 years of selling online, I've developed a roster of all-star, "under the radar" items that are often passed over by other sellers. Some of them are unassuming looking, others are more in-your-face, but they are my favorite things to find and sell again and again and again.

I've thought off and on over the years of compiling them into one ebook, but was hesitant to divulge all these gems in one place. But then I realized there are plenty of sales to go around and I want to share these tips with my loyal readers, and attract even more readers.

The new version is 160 pages jam-packed with info, data, and images.

Plus, you can make 50% of the sale price by reselling this ebook as an affiliate...

Details here!


How to Have a Successful Yard Sale

People will come. Or will they? Read on for tips & tricks for pulling off a profitable yard sale. From Advertising Your Sale and Signage to running the sale and what to do after, it's all here!

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